Uniform Requirements: PreKK-23-45-89-12

School Uniforms

PreK Uniform Requirements


  • White knit uniform shirt with red school logo, long or short-sleeved
  • Houndstooth trousers with elastic waist and no belt loops or Houndstooth shorts with elastic waist and no belt loops
  • Houndstooth trousers must be worn on Fridays for Church services
  • Black or navy crew socks with trousers, white crew length socks with shorts
  • Black Velcro tennis shoes or black Merrill slip-on shoes (entire shoe must be black - e.g. no white soles)


  • White, Peter Pan collared blouse, long or short-sleeved with red piping
  • Houndstooth jumper with belt
  • White uniform socks with red school logo (available at Zoghby’s or the Campus Store)
  • Navy/white saddle uniform tennis shoes made by Keds
  • Red uniform shorts with school logo to be worn under jumpers every day (available in the Campus Store)

Physical Education for PreK

  • Boys – Do not change for physical education
  • Girls – Do not change for physical education


  • Navy uniform pullover sweatshirt (available in the Campus Store)
  • Navy uniform sweater (V-neck cardigan or pull-over) with logo
  • Navy uniform full-zip fleece with logo
  • Navy uniform all-weather anorak with logo
  • Navy uniform water resistant raincoat with logo (available in the Campus Store)
  • Navy uniform full-zip sweatshirt with hood and logo
  • Navy leggings for girls
  • If temperature drops below 35 degrees children may wear personal heavy coats that are not St. Paul’s issued (parents will be notified by the school)

Please Note

  • All PreK students need a standard-size backpack (no wheels please!)
  • Nap mats are included in the supply kit and will already be in classrooms
  • Lost and Found will be located outside of the Lower School office during the school year
  • Label all uniforms, shoes, and outerwear with your child’s name

Purchasing Uniforms

  • New Uniforms: New school uniforms can be purchased online or locally from Zoghby's Uniforms (view their product list and contact information).
  • Used Uniforms: Used Uniforms can be purchased in the Used Uniform Room in the Advancement Office. Call 380-0408 ext. 25 for details. Used Uniform Consignment Sale is held at St. Paul's Wilmer Hall Building at the end of each school year. Information will be sent out each year when the sale occurs.
  • Shoes: New uniform shoes (boys and girls) can be purchased at Zoghby’s or J-Ray Shoes.

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