Alumni Council

Council Chair: Earle Dawson (2001)

Dear Fellow St. Paul’s Alumni,

I am very excited for the opportunity to serve as the new alumni council chairman. I would like to thank Blair Gewin, our alumni relations’ coordinator, for approaching me with this prospect and explaining its importance. After seeing Blair’s tireless energy manifest itself in the day-to-day workings of the school, I realized that her passion needed more voices to spread. Speaking with Graysi Gartman (former Council Chair) at Victor Helming’s retirement party had a similar effect; this is an essential job and a small way to give back to the school that has given so much to me.

I attended SPS from Pre-K until graduation in 2001. The experience left many cherished memories. A list of lifelong friends, sage teachers, and caring coaches and staff immediately come to mind. The positive impact upon my life cannot be overstated. After high school I attended Auburn University and graduated with a finance degree in 2005. Upon graduation, I moved back to Mobile and started working at my current position as a sales representative at Coastal Insulation. The sales field has been critical in my ability to network with the community. Along the way, I have encountered numerous SPS alumni and learned of their pride for St. Paul’s and the direction it’s headed. I couldn’t be prouder that my children will carry on the legacy and live their lives as Saints.

We need to continue this positive momentum and growth. My father, a former board member of the school, would always stress the importance of fund raising and alumni giving. It is easy to see the tangible results of these efforts when walking the current campus. The nearly completed Student Commons building is truly a sight to behold and a tribute to the hard work of our alumni and staff. Please consider contributing to the school. Volunteer, donate, or simply attend a social to re-connect with your classmates. I can be contacted on my cell at 251-709-0605 or at

Earle Dawson
Class of ‘01


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