College Guidance

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Leigh D. Barnett
Director of College Guidance
Susan T. Bailey
College Counselor


Naviance: Naviance Family Connection is an internet-based college advising website aimed at helping your child explore colleges and potential career options. Students log into their personal Naviance accounts during their freshman year and are expected to be active through graduation.

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College Visits

College Representatives come to St. Paul’s campus to visit with prospective juniors and seniors and their parents in a small group setting. The visits are scheduled during the fall, primarily during lunch periods but some are scheduled throughout the school day. The meetings last approximately 30-45 minutes. A student must have approval from his or her teacher in order to attend and is responsible for making up any work missed.

Students - How to Attend a Visit

All Scheduled visits are available on Naviance.

Before the visit day:
Sign up to attend the visit through your Naviance portal
If the visit is during lunch, you do not need a pass.

If the visit is during a class time:
• Pick up a Pass in the College Counseling Office.
• Ask your teacher for permission to leave the class (You must ask at least one day before the meeting).

On the visit day:
• Have your teacher sign the pass to permit you out of class.
• Introduce yourself to the representative.
• We will sign the pass for you to return to class.

College Reps - How to Set Up a Visit

St. Paul’s welcomes college visitors and appreciates your willingness to share information about the schools you represent and the application process. Please contact Susan Bailey to arrange your visit during any school day. or 251-461-2144.

  • We prefer to schedule visits at 11:45 during lunch. Our students will be instructed to bring their lunch to a private conference room to meet with you. (It is not held in the Cafeteria)
  • If 11:45 does not fit with your schedule, we will be glad to arrange a better time, between 8:00 a.m. and 2:15 p.m.
  • When you arrive on campus, please check in at the front desk, immediately to your left as you walk in the double glass doors. They will give you a Visitor’s Pass and direct you to the Conference Room or the Counseling Office.
  • We will advertise your visit to our students and parents. However, if none are available to meet with you, the counselor will meet with you to share information.
  • In addition to your school visit, you may be interested I attending the Bay Area College Night, hosted by six area College Preparatory Schools each October. For more information, contact Mary Ann Willis at bayareafair@baysideacademy or 261-338-64274

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