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Main Office: 251-342-6700
Main Fax: 251-342-1844
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Head of School

Blair Fisher

Assistant Head of School

Dr. Scott McDonald

Assistant to the Head of School Office

Susan Brochu

Main Campus Receptionist/Nurse

Leslie Passeau

Grades PreK-2

Head of Grades PreK-2
Heather Kraus 461-2192

Assistant Head of Grades PreK-2
Liza Eldred 461-2156

Administrative Assistant Grades PreK-2
Registrar Grades PreK-4

Lynn Bodet 461-2189

Nurse, PreK-2
Robin Robinson 461-2188

Grades 3–5

Head of Grades 3-5
Susan Newby 461-2138

Administrative Assistant Grades 3-5
Terri Sutherland 461-2169

Registrar Grades PreK-4
Lynn Bodet 461-2189

Grades 6-8

Head of Grades 6-8
Dan Drum 461-2135

Administrative Assistant Grades 6-8
Leigh Schottgen 461-2170

Grades 9–12

Head of Grades 9-12
Lisa McDonough 461-2121

Dean of Students
Tyler Kerns 461-2153

Administrative Assistant Grades 9-12 (Attendance)
Sandra Hudson 461-2153

Administrative Assistant Grades 9-12 (Discipline)
Suzan Doggett 461-2147

Registrar, Grades 5-12
Blair Manning 461-2157

Admissions Office

Director of Admissions
Anna Moore 461-2129

Director of Enrollment Management
and Tuition Assistance
Elizabeth Gregory 461-2159

Admissions Counselor
Nancy Galanos 461-2131

Advancement Office

Director of Advancement and External Affairs
Dr. Mark Foley 461-2198

Parent Relations Coordinator
Kori Crawley 461-2168

Alumni Relations Coordinator
Blair Gewin 461-2191

Annual Giving and Special Projects Coordinator
Katie Courtney 461-2185

Advancement Services Coordinator
Allison Castle 461-2195

Director of Communications
Beth Tindle 461-2126

David Hughes 461-2197

Graphic Designer
Brittany Leahy 461-2126

After School Care

Jackie Jackson 342-6700 Ext 2690

Alternative Instruction Program

Dr. Jane Herrin 461-2176

Assistant to the Director
Allie Fuquay 461-2142

Athletic Office

Director of Athletics
Steve Mask 461-2147

Athletic Coordinator/Sports Information Director
Sharon Mosley 461-2175

Fall Sports Coordinator
Andy Robbins 461-2186

Spring Sports Coordinator
Shane Sullivan 461-2161

Business Office

Chief Financial and Operating Officer
Pamela Andrews 461-2130

Accountant: Payroll and Benefits
Cindy Harbour 461-2127

Accountant: Student Billing
Tricia Ewert 461-2190

Accounts Payable
Sherry Bramlett 461-2122 

Associate Staff
Christen Strang 461-2166


Cafeteria Manager
Alicia Kimbrell 461-2150

Campus Store

Campus Store Manager
Marian Stabler 461-2193

Campus Store Associate
Katee Thomas 461-2193

College Counseling

College Counselor
Jeannie Nix 461-2144

College Counselor
Melinda McCall 461-2143

Guidance and Counseling

Guidance Counselor
Christy Logan 461-2140

Guidance Counselor
Marian Boteler 461-2165

Guidance Counselor
Allie Fuquay 461-2142

Academic Advisor (3-5)
Susan Newby 461-2169

Academic Advisor (6-8)
Betty Stone 461-2132


Library/Media Center and Technology

Director of Technology
Leslie Suffich 461-2158

Media Specialist Grades PreK-2
Kim McDonald 461-2188 Ext 2234 

Media Specialist Grades 3-6
Nikki Barnickel 461-2171 

Media Specialist Grades 7-12
Rob Boyles 461-2123


Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning Resources Director
Kelli Etheredge 461-2125

Fax Numbers

Advancement Building 380-0431, **37
Football Field House 461-2128
PreK-2 Campus 461-2199
Maintenance Department 461-2187
Main Campus 342-1844

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Phone: 342-8521

Inclement weather, emergency, and school closing information will also be available on the home page, radio stations WABB, WKSJ, WAVH, and local T.V. stations 5, 10, and 11.