Performing Arts


Students have several opportunities to participate in theatrical productions as an extra-curricular activity or a class. During their elementary years all second and fifth grade students participate in musical productions. The Upper School has two main stage productions which allow students to learn set design, lighting, make-up, costume, singing, dancing and acting.

Every year, St. Paul's Upper School theatre students participate in the Walter Trumbauer Festival, a well-established and respected theatre festival in the state of Alabama that showcases some of the best acting talent in the state. Categories include such events as pantomime, reader's theatre, monologues, duet scenes, musical performances, one acts, ensemble shows, and technical theatre presentations. Senior students can also audition for in-state scholarships.

Choral Music

The St. Paul’s Choral Program is devoted to the cultivation of the art of choral music in the lives of its students; teaching techniques of musical expression and providing a curriculum which allows each student an opportunity to build musical skills and understanding through a variety of quality musical experiences. In addition to being exposed to various genres and styles of choral literature, students will be provided with an enriching experience in music education.   We strive to instill self-discipline, performance conduct, teamwork and responsibility in our students while inspiring them to discover their connection with singing.   Our mission is to guide each student in reaching their full singing and musical potential, while encouraging success in high musical standards, exploration, openness and creativity.

Band Program

Concert Band

The St. Paul's Concert Band program is a strong and active instrumental music curriculum dedicated to supporting and representing St. Paul's Episcopal School. The Band program is comprised of students in grades 5-12 participating in Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Band. Each level presents opportunities for public performances such as school concerts, church and civic club presentations.

The Advanced Band performs at Winter and Spring Concerts, District and State Level concert competitions and numerous special performances. Students meet daily after marching season to prepare literature to be performed for the upcoming concerts. Time is taken during these rehearsals to advance each student’s ability level. Students individually compete for the Alabama All-State Band, Solo and Ensemble Festival, and various other honor bands throughout the Southeast.

The Intermediate Band is comprised of students in grade 6 and grade 7.  Each grade meets separately to learn the skills necessary to be perform age appropriate literature and to successfully participate at the advanced level.  Students perform two formal concerts each school year as well as numerous performances related to school activities.

The Beginning Band is primarily made up of students in grade 5.  Any student, regardless of grade level, who wishes to learn a musical instrument is encouraged to do so. The students are taught entry level skills and progress to the intermediate level. Students perform two formal concerts each school year as well as performances related to school activities.

Marching Saints

The St. Paul's Marching Band is comprised of students in grades 8-12.  The Marching Band performs at various venues throughout the area and region. In 2008-2009 the “Marching Saints” made their international debut in the Lord Mayors’ New Year’s Day Parade in London, England. In 2014 they will perform, along with the Chamber Singers, in the New Year's Festivities of Frascati and Rome, Italy. The Marching Band meets daily to develop and improve all aspects of the field show. Students attend evening rehearsals during the summer (July) and a Band Camp during August to learn the music and field performance for the upcoming season.

The St. Paul's Band Parent Association

The St. Paul's School Band Parent Association welcomes all parents of band members! The purpose of your Band Parent Association is to support, foster, cultivate active participation, and maintain the St. Paul's Band. We actively assist in supplementing the financial support provided to the band by St. Paul's School, particularly with respect to equipment and special needs for which funding may not otherwise be available. All parents and legal guardians of band members are invited to Band Parent Association meetings and are considered voting members of the Association.

St. Paul's String Orchestras

Founded in 1990, St. Paul’s Episcopal School Strings Program is composed of two performing ensembles, Chamber Strings and Middle School Strings. 

Chamber Strings

Chamber Strings perform extensively throughout Mobile, AL and surrounding areas. In 2001 the ensemble opened the Field Studies International Choral Festival where they made their Carnegie Hall debut. Their first international exposure took place in 2004 with a performance in St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland. The 2008-09 school year saw performances in London, England both at Westminster Central Hall and St. John’s Smith Square where they were described as: “Disciplined and dynamic, bringing an interpretation through choice of music, and a stage presence beyond that usually witnessed with this age.” 

The group is comprised primarily of students ranging from age 14 – 18. Daily classes provide students with a thorough and challenging curriculum emphasizing preparation, concentration, imagination and teamwork as part of the highest level of music making.

Members of the group compete anually for positions with other groups such as Mobile Symphony's Youth Orchestra and the Alabama Allstate Orchestra Festival.

Middle School Strings Ensemble

Middle School Strings Ensemble emphasizes teamwork, active listening skills, communication skills, and leadership as students work together to perform in a more individual context. Rehearsals give students a valuable context and framework for all the skills they develop while in the program. Featuring sectional rehearsals, technique classes, performance practice, music history and theory, students learn how every aspect of music frames their experiences as performers and interpreters of the music they play. Students meet in daily rehearsals of standard orchestral literature and new works. Students perform two formal concerts each school year as well as numerous performances related to school activities.

Extra-Curricular Instruction

Private Strings, Piano, Guitar, and Percussion Lessons

Private instruction is offered to grades K-12 for violin, viola, cello, double bass, guitar, and percussion. Lessons are available in 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 1 hour time slots. Group Guitar and Percussion classes are also available! Lessons are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. For more information or to download registration forms please visit our Fine Arts Resources page under the Current Saints section.


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