2020-2021 Parent Partnership / Student Handbook Agreement

St. Paul’s Episcopal School’s Student-Parent Handbook is published annually as a guide and reference source for students and parents. The policies, procedures, and guidelines set forth in the Handbook are intended to provide an atmosphere that allows students to develop to their fullest individual potential in accordance with the School’s philosophy. As set forth in the enrollment contract, by attending St. Paul’s Episcopal School students and their parents agree to follow the School’s policies, procedures, and guidelines as may be amended from time to time during the school year, and to accept the School’s interpretations of the same.

  • Complete on or before August 10: Continued enrollment is contingent upon the completion and submission of the agreement on or before August 10.
  • One Form Per Child: One form must be completed for each child enrolled at St. Paul's.
  • Read these Documents: BEFORE submitting the 2020-2021 Parent Partnership / Handbook Agreement parents and students should review and be familiar with the contents of these documents:

By electronically signing the 2020-2021 Parent Partnership / Handbook Agreement Form, students and parents acknowledge that they have read these instruments, they understand them, and they are willing and able to abide by them.


If you have any questions about the Parent Partnership Agreement or the Student Handbook you may contact your division head.

Head of PreK-Grade 2: Heather Kraus • 251-461-2192 • hkraus@stpaulsmobile.net

Head of Grades 3-5: Susan Newby • 251-461-2138 • snewby@stpaulsmobile.net

Head of Grades 6-8: Dan Drum • 251-461-2135 • ddrum@stpaulsmobile.net

Head of Grades 9-12: Lisa McDonough • 251-461-2121 • lmcdonough@stpaulsmobile.net

Parent Partnership / Handbook Agreement

Parent Partnership / Handbook Agreement

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