Being rooted and established in love.

St. Paul's Episcopal School was founded in 1947

with one section of twenty Kindergarten students. William S. Mann, former Rector of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, nurtured the development of the parish school from 1953 until he left St. Paul's in 1969. With the addition of sections and grades, enrollment grew to 243 students by 1965.

St. Paul's ceased to be a parish school with its incorporation as an independent institution in 1968. The original Dogwood Lane campus, which included the main building and five acres, was purchased in 1969. In 1974, the first graduation was held for 73 seniors. That year, St. Paul's had 53 employees and 800 students.

A distinct St. Paul's culture has developed during the past 60 years - one that values the principles embraced by our philosophy and mission statements. We believe that our culture should be imbued with Christian principles, and that integrity, character, honor, self discipline and spirituality must exist. Further, many traditions have been established as the school has grown and matured. Innumerable accomplishments of the school, its students, and its faculty permeate our history and are a source of great pride. Now into the 21st century, our goal is to continue to strengthen the school's role as a leader in education, not only in Mobile, but throughout the South.


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