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Birth Thomas F. Cunningham 12/14/2017  
Tom Cunningham '99 and wife, Erin, welcomed the birth of thier son, Thomas Barlow Cunningham. Thomas joins big sister, Emma. The Cunninghams reside in Mobile.
Birth Jeanne-Marie F. Smith 12/14/2017  
Jeanne-Marie F. Smith '03 and husband, Rory, welcomed the birth of their son, Rivers Chamberlain Smith. The Smiths reside in Virginia.
Employment Mary Patterson Broome 12/13/2017  
Mary Patterson Broome '01 is Editor-in-Chief of a website called, doing stand-up as the opening act for a comedian named Craig Shoemaker and producing and starring in a web series she wrote that will hopefully be on the internet by early 2018.
Birth Laura W. Soltau 12/5/2017  
Laura West Soltau '02 and husband, Will, welcomed the birth of their son Jack Raymond Soltau on November 28, 2017, Jack joins big brother Scott. The Soltaus reside in Jackson, Wyoming.
Birth Thomas W. Middleton 11/29/2017  
Thomas Middleton '04 and his wife, Allie, welcomed the birth of their son, Thomas "William" Middleton, II born on November 27th. The Middletons reside in Preston, Lancashire, UK.
Birth Whitney B. Barnett 11/16/2017  
Whitney Byrd Barnett '04 and husband, Ham, welcomed the birth of their daughter Lila Marie Barnett on November 16, 2017. Lila joins big brother Hamilton. The Barnetts reside in Mobile.
Birth Nancy T. Webster 11/16/2017  
Nancy Taylor Webster '09 and husband, Seth, welcomed the birth of their son, Samuel
" Sam" Peyton Webster on November 14, 2017. The Websters reside in Mobile.
Birth Michael G. Gates 11/13/2017  
Michael Gates '00 and wife, Meagan, welcomed the birth of their son, Michael Gilchrist Gates, Jr. on November 5, 2017. Michael joins big sister, Julianne. The Gates reside in Mobile, AL.
Birth Katherine Z. Granade 11/13/2017  
Katherine Zoghby Granade '03 and husband, Joe, welcomed the birth of their daughter, Reese Lucille Granade on November 5, 2017. Reese joins big sister, Alice. The Granades reside in New Orleans, LA.
Birth Blair H. Ladd 11/10/2017  
Blair Hasser Ladd '03 and husband, Gaillard, welcomed the birth of their daughter, Flora Bellenger Ladd on July 23, 2017. Flora joins big sister, Peggy. The Ladds reside in Mobile, AL.
Marriage Margaret L. Rockwell 11/7/2017  
Margaret Lyons '05 married Johnny Rockwell on September 9, 2017. The Rockwells live in Washington D.C.
Birth Miller H. Callaway 11/6/2017  
Miller Callaway '07 and wife, Brittany, welcomed the birth of their son,"Hunter" Reynolds Callaway on November 3, 2017. The Callaways reside in Mobile, Alabama.
Birth Robert S. Campbell 11/6/2017  
Tut Campbell '02 and his wife, Ashton, welcomed the birth of their son, Ellis Hutchings Campbell "Hutch" on October 31, 2017. The Campbells reside in Citronellle, Alabama.
Marriage Scott G. Byrd 11/3/2017  
Scott Byrd '08 married Kathryn Hamrick on October 7, 2017. Scott graduated from Auburn University in December of 2012 and received his bachelors of science degree in Building Construction from the school of Architecture, Design and Construction. He is an estimator for Byrd Inc., a three generation family company, which designs and engineers Industrial Air Systems.

Marriage Stuart A. Parnell 11/3/2017  
Stuart Parnell 04' married Dr. Katelyn Braswell on May 20, 2017. The Parnell's reside in Mobile.
List has 502 notes on 34 pages << < 1 2 3 4 5 > >>
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