Planned Giving

Independent Schools keep the cost of their tuition at a minimum by supplementing tuition with individual and foundation gifts. Usually individuals will give donations through the School's Annual Fund drive and other school-wide fundraising events. These gifts are vital in helping make up the difference between tuition and the total budget.

In our current shaky economy some individuals and foundations are already scaling back or choosing not to give. How can you give when you are trying to save?

A bequest may be a particularly attractive gift option if you are unable to make an outright gift but would like to contribute to the school in a meaningful way. Estate gifts may be a few hundred dollars or millions of dollars.

"Specific" bequests are most common. You may leave a specific amount of money, a specific asset, or a specific percentage of your estate to St. Paul's Episcopal School. "Residual" bequests go to St. Paul's Episcopal School only after all debts, expenses, taxes, and other bequests have been paid.

Often times, the School only learns of a bequest when a person dies. The donor never gets the joy of giving and the School misses the opportunity to thank and acknowledge the donor during their lifetime. Discussing your will with the School also gives you the opportunity to make sure your intentions are documented and your plans are carried out exactly the way you want.

If you have included or would like to include St. Paul's Episcopal School in your estate plans, please let us know by calling 251-380-0408.  Give a gift today!

Leave A Legacy...

Remember St. Paul’s Episcopal School in your estate plan!

If you decide to include St. Paul’s in your will, IRA, life insurance, etc., you may use this official language:

I give, devise, and bequeath to the St. Paul’s Episcopal School Foundation, a non-profit corporation duly existing under the laws of the state of Alabama and located at Mobile, Mobile County, Alabama, XX% of estate or $XXXX to be used for the benefit of St. Paul’s Episcopal School.

If St. Paul’s is included in your plan, Please let us know. You will be included in our 1947 Legacy Society, and we want to personally thank you for your support. For more information, please call Katie Courtney at (251) 380-0408 ext. 25 or email

The 1947 Legacy Society

Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Cole
Mr. and Mrs. Dudley E. Dawson III
Mrs. Pat B. Frazer
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Godwin III
Mr. and Mrs. Mayuki Hashimoto
Mrs. Amy S. Hutchings
Mr. Steven M. Hutchings
Dr. John Kellam Lingo
*Mrs. John Kellam Lingo
Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord C. Lyon, Jr.
M. Kathleen Miller (’74)
*Mr. K. M. O’Neal
*Arthur R. Outlaw
Beth and Robert Rouse
Ginny K. Russell
Sandy Santoli
Charlotte M. Saxon
*Mr. Peter Sherman
Mrs. Peter Sherman
*Selden H. Stephens, Jr.
Betty Lu Stephens
Mrs. Ann Marie Terry
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Turner, Jr.
*Anne Webb Walker (’74)
Dr. and Mrs. James L. West III
* (indicates deceased)
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