About Our Programs

A quality education is essential. At St. Paul’s Episcopal School our educational framework is based on the notion of four pillars: Academics, Fine Arts, Athletics and Spirituality. These building blocks are the foundation that position our educators to thoughtfully and nimbly build our students for their future. While each is important in its own right, bringing them together allows our students to realize their true transcendent potential. These pillars are in no way presented sequentially. Indeed, part of the art of education is determining the best way to bring elements of the four pillars together into programs, practices, and engagement with people to make a powerful difference in education.

At St. Paul’s Episcopal School, we know what matters. Our students participate in a vibrant program where they reach new academic heights, make lifelong friendships, and discover new things about themselves and the world around them. St. Paul’s is not just an education; it is an engaging, close-knit community that becomes a part of your family and your life. We provide rich educational experiences within a warm and diverse community dedicated to the values we teach: character, scholarship, creativity, and above all, love.

Preparing you for graduation and life.

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Sometimes value is found in that little something extra. Sure, we have some of the best academic, athletic, artistic and character building programs in the area. But we don't stop there. At St. Paul's we value the extra effort our students put forth to achieve the best they can possibly achieve