Community Service

Focus Areas

By having service focus areas for each grade level, students have the opportunity to learn about a broad array of social issues. Concepts of kindness, empathy, and social responsibility are introduced at every grade level, and become gradually more in-depth. By the time a student graduates, he will have been exposed to, learned about, and directly experienced service in the following areas: children in need, the elderly, animals, the environment, mentally and physically challenged adults and children, veterans and active duty military, and hunger and poverty.

Pre-Kindergarten: General Kindness, Animals

At this young age St. Paul’s introduces the general concepts of kindness and helping others. Students participate in a project demonstrating kindness toward animals. This year they collected supplies for an animal shelter.

Kindergarten: Community Helpers

Kindergarten students will learn about community helpers such as policemen and firemen—what their jobs are, how they help us, and how we can help them. This year Kindergartners will focus on establishing a strong bond with our local police precinct through acts of kindness and frequent visits to develop a lasting friendship with our officers in blue.

First Grade: The Elderly

Our first graders learn about issues faced by the elderly. By visiting a local nursing home students learn to bridge generational gaps and appreciate the contributions older people have made. St. Paul’s School partners with a local nursing home in a “Grandfriends” program. Students visit the nursing home several times through the year to bring holiday cards and decorations, to sing to the residents, and to visit with and read to the residents.

Second Grade: Veterans and Active Duty Military

Our students learn about the important historic and present day role that the military has played in our country, and they gain an awareness of their civic duties and responsibilities. The second graders have participated in a number of activities this year. They wrote paragraphs on the topic “What is a Veteran?’ for our school-wide Veterans Day Assembly. They made cards for WWII veterans who participated in Honor Flight, and also sent items to military personnel via the Adopt-A-Platoon program.

Third Grade: The Environment

Our third graders focus on learning about how people can impact the environment and how they can be a positive force in environmental concerns. All third graders have worked in the class organic vegetable garden. By the end of the year they will have heard several guest speakers including Phyllis Wingard from Keep Mobile Beautiful and a representative from the Alabama Coastal Foundation. This year a third grade Brownie group has formed a Litter Patrol to pick up trash on campus each week.

Fourth Grade: The Hearing and Visually Impaired

Students in fourth grade become more informed about and sensitive to those who are hearing and visually impaired, and they learn ways to help these people. Several outstanding guest speakers made a profound impact through their presentations. A teacher from the Regional School For the Deaf and Blind spoke about issues faced by her students and let fourth graders experience impairment themselves with a variety of devices. Blind artist Ricky Trione spoke to all the fourth grade classes about his loss of sight and explained how he overcame his impairment to become an artist. Students then painted using his techniques. In addition, fourth graders participated in an eyeglass collection drive.

Fifth Grade: The Elderly

As in first grade, fifth graders learn about economic, social and political issues faced by the elderly in our society. The entire grade will have a service day geared to their focus area. This year as well as last year, students will work at an assisted care facility for the elderly. They will clean, organize, and do general work to make the facility a more pleasing environment for the residents. Incorporated into this day are opportunities to visit with residents.

Sixth Grade: Hunger and Poverty

Sixth grade students learn about the problems of hunger and poverty in our society. Philanthropy Ambassadors organized and prepared a meal for three homeless families, and prepared food bags for the needy. They also prepared and organized supplies for the Middle School Thanksgiving Food Drive. Guest speaker Mike McKinley, founder of One Meal, spoke to the whole grade about his efforts to feed the hungry in Mobile. Afterward the entire grade organized and delivered 918 cans of food, Thanksgiving decorations, and cards to 15 Place, the Home of Grace, Waterfront Rescue Mission, Wings of Life, the Salvation Army, and One Meal.

Seventh Grade: Children

In the seventh grade our students learn about problems faced by needy children. The Philanthropy Ambassadors decorated, shopped for, filled and delivered 70 Christmas stockings for a daycare center. A spring time cleanup day is scheduled for Wilmer Hall Children’s Home, during which the seventh graders will clean, organize, paint, and spruce up the facility.

Eight Grade: Mentally and Physically Challenged Adults

Eighth graders focus on the problems faced by mentally and physically challenged adults and learn how to help this population. The Philanthropy Ambassadors hosted a Christmas Party for the residents of Mulherin Home and will decorate Mardi Gras floats for an MARC parade. The entire eighth grade participated in the Volunteers of America Buddy Day where they were paired with a consumer for the day. They made fruit bags, did several crafts, had treats, lunch, and a dance with their Buddies.

Ninth Grade: Families in Crisis

St. Paul’s ninth graders learn about families facing emotional, health, or financial crises. Philanthropy Ambassadors participate in several projects to help the local Ronald McDonald House. They decorated for Christmas, prepared a meal for the House, and will organize a toiletries drive in the spring. Ambassadors also shopped for several children from St. Paul’s Angel Tree program, and also helped a local family dealing with cancer. The entire grade participated in a Habitat For Humanity workday.

Tenth Grade: The Environment

Our tenth graders focus on environmental issues. The entire tenth grade participated in a Service Day at Dauphin Island where they cleaned the beaches, helped with restoration, and visited the Estuarium to learn about the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem. Tenth grade Philanthropy Ambassadors participated in Coastal Cleanup, a Keep Mobile Beautiful Electronics Recycling Day, and a Go Green initiative on campus.

Eleventh Grade: Veterans and Active Duty Military

Since eleventh graders study American History, Veterans and Active Duty Military are a natural focus for their service projects. The entire grade spent a day working on the Battleship USS Alabama and its grounds to prepare the site for Veterans Day. Philanthropy Ambassadors helped organize and host St. Paul’s Veterans Day Assembly. They wrote mail call letters, decorated, helped with set up and cleanup, and greeted our honored guests. Most eleventh graders also participated in South Alabama Honor Flight by writing mail call letters, making “Welcome Home” signs, and greeting the veterans as they returned home.

Twelfth Grade: Mentally and Physically Challenged Children

Partnering with students from Augusta Evans School (for mentally challenged children) for Special Olympics is a highlight of the year for St. Paul’s seniors. Each senior is paired with an athlete for a fun and active day. The entire grade also participated in a Habitat For Humanity workday in the fall. Philanthropy Ambassadors serve as patrol leaders for weekly Boy and Girl Scout meetings at Augusta Evans, and host Halloween and Christmas parties for the scouts, as well as leading an Adventure Day at Camp Pinetreat. Ambassadors also provide weekly tutoring at a local school for children with autism, and do monthly arts and crafts projects at the Regional School for the Deaf and Blind.


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