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Dear Fellow St. Paul’s Alumni,

Like many of you, I attended St. Paul’s from PreK until graduation.  The experience left many cherished memories.  A list of lifelong friends, sage teachers, and caring coaches and staff immediately come to mind.  The positive impact upon my life cannot be overstated.  Along the way, I have encountered numerous St. Paul’s alumni and learned of their pride for our school and the direction it is headed. I couldn’t be prouder that my children will carry on the legacy and live their lives as Saints. 

We need to continue this positive momentum and growth.  My father, a former board member of the school, has always stressed the importance of fund raising and alumni giving.  Saints’ Fund is an integral part of what makes our school special. It provides the extras tuition does not cover.   It is easy to see the tangible results of these efforts when walking on campus. 

St. Paul’s matters to all of us. Please consider supporting what matters. Volunteer, donate, and attend a social to re-connect with your classmates.  If you have any questions or want to reconnect with St. Paul’s, please contact me at 251-709-0605 or at


Earle Dawson
Class of ‘01


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