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Dear Fellow Saints,

I am humbled by the opportunity to serve as a chair for this year’s alumni council. I attended St. Paul’s from 6th grade until graduation in 2007. The philosophy and beliefs of the school have remained engrained in me throughout adulthood and I know my fellow alumni feel the same way. In addition to providing the highest quality college preparatory education, the school, faculty, and staff consistently encouraged individual growth and achievement beyond the four walls of the classroom (or the long hall of the Mann Building). These types of experiences allowed us to flourish into well-rounded adults ready to tackle our futures and serve our community in the true spirit of a Saint.

I often think about what it means to be a Saint. It seems like a title that is impossible to achieve, but in reality it isn’t – we’ve already achieved it. We grew up in an environment that fosters respect, integrity, responsibility, service, tolerance, and the highest moral standards that prepared us to be who we are. We carry this with us everywhere we go, in interactions with the people we encounter, and we instill this in future generations that will be raised to join the ranks of all Saints.

I know I am not alone when I say “St. Paul’s made me the person I am today.” Freshman year at Alabama was affectionately called the “13th Grade” because we were able to continue nurturing the friendships that were made from the second we set foot in the horseshoe many years before. The walks to class couldn’t hold a candle to “the hill,” but the same people walked by our side, still do today. My career has led me down a path of service and I currently serve as the Vice President for the United Way of Southwest Alabama. My job is to build relationships with people who are dedicated to the success our community and quality of life in the place we call home. Thanks to St. Paul’s, I never have to look very far because around every turn there is an alumnus, a parent, or a current student who stepping up to give back to the place that raised them.

As alumni, our job is to return the gifts that were instilled in us back into our community and back into our school. St. Paul’s kept a piece of us when we set out to achieve the highest standards in our adult lives, with our families and our careers and a piece of St. Paul’s is always with us. Now into the 21st century, our efforts are needed to continue to strengthen the school's role as a leader in education, athletics and fine arts, not only in Mobile, but throughout the South. The best way to do this is to reengage in our school, stay involved and contribute financially to the foundation that made us who we are.

I ask you to keep our school spirit going by continuing to invest in our school. Take a tour of our beautiful campus, attend an alumni event, volunteer to serve on a committee, and join me in making a pledge towards Sainthood by contributing financially to our school today.

If I can be helpful in finding the right place to get involved, feel free to call me at 251-458-2887 or at

With Thanks and Gratitude,

Justine Herlihy Bixler
Class of 2007


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