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Dear Parents:

We write to ask you to join us in support of St. Paul’s.

We are not native Mobilians and, when choosing a school for our children, had no allegiance to St. Paul’s. We selected St. Paul’s for obvious reasons such as strong academics, art programs, and spiritual influence. It also felt “right” to us. We had confidence it would be a place where our children would be loved, well cared for, and nurtured. That was 12 years ago and we have not been disappointed; in fact, St. Paul’s has far exceeded our expectations!

As much as we love St. Paul’s, we do not love fundraising. The first time we agreed to help with the annual Saints’ Fund, one of us (who shall go unnamed) intentionally called individuals on our list at odd hours to leave a message in lieu of a conversation. It can be awkward to ask for financial contributions above tuition costs. It is necessary, however, and thankfully the St. Paul’s community is and has been a generous one.

The reality is that our school would not be able to meet its basic budgetary requirements without the Saints’ Fund. We have learned it is very rare for private schools to be 100% tuition funded and almost all rely on fundraising to meet operational costs. St. Paul’s is no exception, as our tuition payments typically meet 82% of the budget. The rest is up to us.

Please join us in participating in Saints’ Fund. We are requesting a gift from everyone: families, board members, faculty, and staff. If you have not participated in the past, let this be the first year you participate. The Board of Trustees, Faculty, and Staff are already 100% committed to this campaign. Let us all show the same support and give generously. Please remember that no gift is too small, even the smallest gift helps, and all donations are tax deductible. Your Saints’ Fund gift grants each student the opportunity to experience all that St. Paul’s has to offer from their first songs on the red steps to their last steps across the graduation stage.

Thank you.


Melissa and Jake Epker
2019-2020 Saints’ Fund Chairs


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