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Dear Parents,

Ten years ago, Emily and I decided to move our children to St Paul’s School. We evaluated several schools before we made our decision. Ultimately, the challenge of the curriculum and care the faculty showed for the success of the students made our decision easy. It was also reassuring how willing the staff is to help every student be successful – not just those who fit in a particular mold.

Once we decided to move to St. Paul’s, there was still a little bit of nervousness. I came from a school system where students’ parents and grandparents had all gone to school together. There was comfort in that I knew sixty percent of the parents from my child’s class. How was this going to work? How were we going to navigate our children’s education without knowing everyone? This nervousness did not last long.

I remember when I went to my first parent open house. I did not know what to expect and I will admit that I had preconceptions of what I would see. I was pleasantly surprised in the diversity in demographics I saw. My children would be learning alongside all walks of life and everything that makes our community great. What is more, everyone in that room was making a significant financial sacrifice to educate their children, and everyone in that room would have high expectations for that sacrifice. I have felt home at St. Paul’s from that very moment.

As much as I wish tuition covered everything, it does not cover all the things that make the St. Paul’s experience so exceptional. A well-rounded education includes extracurricular activities and programs that prepare our students for navigating life. The personal skills learned on the field, in the auditorium, and on the debate stage help set our students apart. The Saints’ Fund make these activities possible.

Emily and I ask each of you to consider contributing to the Saints’ Fund this year. We are hoping to achieve 100% parent participation. You have already made a significant decision to give your children an exceptional education. Please help ensure that they receive those extra opportunities that set them apart from the field. We expect excellence from our children and should expect no less from ourselves.

Thank you in advance for your generous donation.

Jeb and Emily Shell
Current Parent Chairs
2020-21 Saints’ Fund


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