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Dear Fellow Grandparents,

I am proud to serve as the Grandparent Chair for the 2019 Saints’ Fund and I encourage you to get that giving spirit to support the St. Paul’s Episcopal School programs.

My parents taught me the intrinsic value of a strong educational background. My children received the opportunity of a St. Paul’s experience, and now my grandchildren are flourishing in the same safe nurturing environment. This school was definitely a second home for my children and now my grandchildren. The sense of family is palpable anytime I visit the campus and is evident by watching the student body interact with each other. From Pre-K to grade 12 with parents and grandparents, they celebrate events together- singing on the red steps at chapel, Halloween parades, cultural presentations, artistic performances, athletic competitions, and finally graduation.

The St. Paul’s experience fosters a lifetime of supportive skills for its students based on academic excellence, athletic achievement, artistic expression, and charitable endeavors. It is a safe environment that strives to meet the needs of all student learning levels, and most importantly, is based on a strong spiritual foundation.

As a private school, St. Paul’s continually faces funding challenges in an ever changing world. Our financial resources to support a state of the art learning environment in all areas are essential to the school. As I have read other grandparents’ testimonies about the positive aspects of this wonderful place, I know we share similar perspectives about the importance of continuing to provide our support. Therefore, I am asking all of you fellow grandparents to join me in giving generously to the 2019 Saints’ Fund.


Susan Rudolph
Grandparent Chair
2019 Saints’ Fund


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