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Dear New St. Paul’s Parents,

It is our absolute pleasure to welcome you and your children to the St. Paul’s family. Just a year ago, we were in your shoes, beginning our first year as new St. Paul’s parents. We were excited, to be sure, but also a little nervous about the transition. However, within minutes of our first Parent Preview and meeting our child’s new teacher and classmates, along with the other new parents, the nervousness subsided and the excitement grew. We knew that we had made the right decision for our child and our family.

The warmth and accessibility of every teacher and administrator we encountered was remarkable and, as it turned out, completely sincere and consistent throughout the year. Through email, Facebook groups, Instagram, and all avenues of social media, we could constantly keep up with our child’s progress and activities and have direct access to teachers and administrators with any questions or concerns.

Excellence pervades the St. Paul's culture in the classroom, on the playing field, through the entire school community, and is shown in behavior and actions at home as well. After all, as parents, why wouldn’t we want our child to attend a school and be part of a culture that promotes acceptance and celebrates the wonderful uniqueness of every child? This is the essence of St. Paul’s and we hope that you have already begun to experience it for yourselves. We are aware of the significant financial commitment you have already made by virtue of choosing St. Paul’s for your child. As new parents a year ago, however, we were not aware of the fact that our tuition dollars only cover a portion of the cost of each student and, in total, approximately 82% of the school’s operating costs. This is why the Saints’ Fund is so very important to help fill that gap so tuition can remain as affordable as possible while also allowing the school to continue to be the extraordinary institution it is. Whether in the classroom, on stage, or in athletics, your child will benefit from the Saints’ Fund and the vital role it plays in helping to fulfill the additional needs of and improvements to our school.

Here at St. Paul’s, we are frequently reminded to “Know What Matters”, and whether your tax-deductible gift is small or large, it will indeed matter. It is our hope, therefore, that you will join us in supporting the Saints’ Fund and our goal of 100% participation from every member of the St. Paul’s family. Thank you for your consideration.


Glenn and Lacey Smith
New Parent Chairs- 2018 Saints’ Fund


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