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Dear Past Parents,

When my boys started at St. Paul’s, we had a Monday morning ritual: Breakfast at Carpe Diem. We were regulars so long that they began to call us “the Scone Family.” I think about it every time I pass the coffee shop. When my youngest child, Conner, finished the second grade, it felt so strange to pass by the Lower School and not get in carpool line. When Noble finished fourth grade, I missed my daily trips to the campus store while I parked and waited for him to get out of school. When Brady, our oldest son, started driving to school, I missed those morning carpools with our neighbors, watching them jump out of the car and walk together to their lockers. Ok, maybe I didn’t miss the carpool line…I may have even celebrated my ability to stay and drink coffee at home…just a little. But I miss those days.

Now I drive down Old Shell Road every day and see the banners on Quigley Field. That’s how I know what season it is - Homecoming, Halloween, Spring Show, Saints’ Night Out, and finally, Graduation.

For almost 20 years, St. Paul’s was our life. And we loved it. When I drive on campus today, there are many faces that I don’t recognize. But I do see the same school that taught, encouraged, coached and formed an educational foundation for my children. I see more parents who are volunteering, just as I did. I see new buildings that will create different and creative learning environments. I see athletes practicing on beautiful fields. I hear the band practice. I see happy students. I see the future. I want St. Paul’s Episcopal School to continue to thrive for many generations to come.

Chris and I have given to St. Paul’s Annual Fund since our children started pre-K and we will continue to give, knowing the impact that St. Paul’s has had not only in our family, but also in our community. Please join us.
Continue to give. Continue to support. Continue to be a part of the LARGER St. Paul’s family - the one that has placed Saints throughout the world. Remember the school days that were so special and ensure that it just keeps getting better and better for more and more students.

By giving, we can all continue to smile when we drive down Old Shell Road, knowing that we are making the world a little better, one Saint at a time.

Susan and Chris Smith
Past Parent Chairs
2020-21 Saints’ Fund


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