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Dear Past Parents,

Our relationship with St. Paul’s takes us back decades. We both graduated from St. Paul’s in 1985 and our children, Sarah and John Warren, began their educational journey at St. Paul’s in PreK with Sarah graduating in 2013 and John Warren in 2015.  Although we no longer have any children attending St. Paul’s, we realize that the St. Paul’s experience does last forever.  Your children and ours grow and graduate, move on to college, rewarding careers and impactful lives, but they do so with hearts and minds shaped by their years at St. Paul’s. 

There is an obvious and genuine spirit of "family" at St. Paul’s--it is a place where individuals are nurtured not just in mind, but in body and spirit as well.  Both of our children expressed great comfort in how St. Paul’s prepared them academically for college and in dealing with professors, new classmates and a different environment.  The end result of St. Paul’s education is a true grasp of the subject matter of the courses and the learning process, and individuals who know that it takes hard work to succeed and who value their fellow classmates and the larger community.  In short, St. Paul’s prepares students, our children, to succeed in the world.  It is what real education looks like.

As a past parent, you have seen firsthand the return on your investment in St. Paul’s. For those reasons, and many more, we continue to support the annual Saints’ Fund Campaign.  Through Saints’ Fund, St. Paul’s will continue to maintain its status as a high-level academic institution along with providing a variety of extra-curricular activities ranging from athletic, artistic, service leadership and spiritual programs, all of which are necessary for a well-rounded educational experience. 

We are committed to continuing our support of such a worthwhile institution for the children who follow ours.  So, in gratitude for all that St. Paul’s has done for our family, please join us and give a tax deductible gift to Saints’ Fund to help ensure that it is able to continue to succeed in this mission. 


Treesie and John Jeffries
Past Parent Chairs
2019 Saints’ Fund


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