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Dear Past Parents,

If you’re like us, seeing that “past parents” label is a little startling at first.  Wasn’t it just last year that our oldest child walked shyly into his pre-K classroom to start this journey?  Wasn’t it just last month that our middle child advanced to the late rounds of the city spelling bee before finally falling to “machismo”?  Wasn’t it just yesterday that our youngest played a not-so-wicked witch in Big Show?  How can that all be in the past?  Surely this magical time was supposed to last forever.

On reflection, though, we realize that the St. Paul’s experience does last forever.  Your children and ours grow and graduate, move on to college, rewarding careers and impactful lives, but they do so with hearts and minds shaped by their years at St. Paul’s.  Our oldest approaches life with quiet confidence because Sandra Ladd and dozens of others – teachers, coaches, staff and administrators – constantly affirmed his competence and value as a person.  Our middle child brings focus, diligence and tenacity to every project because Betty Stone and so many others gently encouraged her to offer her best.  Our youngest boldly embraces the world because Jody Powell and a host of others taught her that life is to be examined, embraced and enjoyed. 

So perhaps, to paraphrase Faulkner, the past is not really past.  Your kids and ours will always be St. Paul’s alumni, and we will always be St. Paul’s parents.  Now, still, in the energizing present and on into the brightest future, we remain part of St. Paul’s even as it remains part of us.  We are grateful for its countless gifts to our family, and we desire that others be similarly blessed.  And so, because we are St. Paul’s, we continue to support its ongoing mission of developing the next generation spiritually, academically, civically, socially, physically and emotionally.  In that spirit, we invite you to join us in expressing your support for St. Paul’s through your tax-deductible gift to the Saints’ Fund. 


Cindy and David Peeler
2018 Saints’ Fund  Past Parents Chairs


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