Summer 2019 Assignments

Please note that summer assignments are required for all students in Grades 3-12. Since teachers will use various methods to assess assignments when school begins in August, students should download and follow the assignment instructions carefully.

Grades 3-8

Reading, English, History and Math

Class Assignment
3 Reading Third Grade Angels
4-8 Math Download
4 Reading The One and Only Ivan
5 Reading & AIP Wonder
6 Eng & AIP Sophia's War
6 History Download
7 Eng & AIP The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
7 History Download
8 Eng & AIP Standard "Night"
AIP "Night"

Grades 9-12

English, Economics, History, Science

Class Assignment
9 Eng & AIP The Old Man and the Sea
10 Eng & AIP 1984
10 AP European History Download
11 Eng & AIP Of Mice and Men
11 AP Eng In Cold Blood
11 AP US History American Colonies
12 Economics Think Like a Freak
12 Eng & AIP The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime
12 AP Eng Wise Blood, Lord of the Flies, Tess of the D'Urbervilles
AP Biology Survival of the Sickest
AP Environmental Science Download


Students are to work on the assignments over the summer, showing all work. The work will be turned in on the first day of school, August 14, for a 10 point completion grade. All Upper School math teachers will be available after school on Wednesday, August 14 and Thursday, August 15, to answer any questions that students have about the skills covered in the assignment. Since all topics covered in the summer assignments have been previously taught, class time will not be used to review. On Monday, August 19, a 75 point test of the skills covered in the summer assignment will be given in all Upper School math classes.

Class Assignment
Applied Math Download
AIP Algebra I Download
AIP Algebra II Download
AIP Geometry Download
(uploaded 7/8/2019)
Algebra I Download
Algebra II and Honors Algebra II Download
Algebra III Download
Geometry Download
Honors Geometry Download
Precalculus Download
Honors Precalculus Download
Calculus Download


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