The Writing Center

Helping students of all ability levels improve their writing and become more creative thinkers.


The St. Paul’s Writing Center provides support and assistance to middle and upper school students in preparing research papers, essays, speeches, projects, and creative work. Colleges such as Harvard, Purdue, Yale, MIT, and Rollins have long used writing centers to help students develop into strong writers. SPS peer tutors, like their college counterparts, are ready to help students in a variety of areas:

  • Brainstorming
  • Topic selection and definition
  • Organizing research
  • Refining thesis statements
  • Developing supportive evidence
  • Creating analysis to accompany evidence
  • Employing appropriate tone and style
  • Checking mechanics
  • Citing sources with MLA format
  • Fulfilling specialized writing assignment for math, science, history and English



Sunday 7-8 - Online - Cameron - Avery - Mary Stirling - Sarah - Danielle

Tuesday 3-4 - Online and in Library  - Mary Dann - Laurel

Wednesday 7- 8 - Online - Libba - Katie - Morgan - Katie

Thursday 7-8 - Kiffer - Perry - Charlie - Ladi


  • Those in need of tutoring should submit drafts before the actual hour begins. If no response immediately after the hour is up, students should send another e-mail inquiry.
  • If students have questions about the tutor comments/suggestions, they should submit those questions as quickly as possible. It’s important that tutor comments be clear.
  • MBetbeze and LWilliams (Mary Dann and Laurel) are student directors. They can help students with questions and redirect problems to the tutors on duty. 


Online vs. Library Tutoring

Online Tutoring options are email, Skype, or others to be determined.


The Library option means to meet on campus in the library, teacher’s room, or even Saint’s Square. Contact the tutor found in the library’s first floor. Look for the bright yellow sign!

How to Request a Tutor

(Teachers can request and schedule tutors for in class sessions by contacting Mr. Courie or one of the WC Student Directors-contact info below. Tutors will be available off and on during each school day, depending on their schedules.)

  1. Choose a peer tutor that works for your schedule. You may choose virtual tutoring, face-to-face tutoring, OR you may choose to email one of the tutors and set up an individual tutor session.
  2. If the peer tutor does not contact you within 5 minutes, please contact the WC Director Mr. Courie through email (
  3. Once you contact a virtual tutor, send your paper or work via the internet.
  4. The session will be guided by the peer tutor.  Please be aware that the peer tutor will neither rewrite the paper nor correct all mistakes.  The tutor will act as a reader, guiding the student and making suggestions only!
  5. The peer tutor will fill out a form about the session and give to the WC director.  The director will share a copy of this form with your teacher.
  6. Please be aware that you are the final judge on whether or not you decide to accept the suggestions or not.

WC Director:
Louis Courie (
251-342-6700 Ext. 2384

WC Student Directors: - Mary Dann Betbeze - Laurel Williamson


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