Welcome from the Head of School

I am delighted to welcome you to St. Paul’s. As you explore our website, I encourage you to take your time, reflect upon our educational philosophy, and imagine how it would feel to be part of our family. I am confident that the more you learn about St. Paul’s, the more deeply resonant our educational program, values, and community become.

I can make such a confident statement because, simply put, St. Paul’s is an extraordinary school. We are mission-driven to a degree that is rare among our peers. In fact, St. Paul’s is driven to be more than a mission statement; we are driven to live our values and beliefs every day. We recognize that each of our students is of infinite worth - unique, precious, and loved. With this as the foundation of our school, it becomes natural to place our students and their needs at the center of every program, process, and decision. It also causes us to recognize that each student has different strengths, interests, and abilities. In turn, this demands that our programs be both broad enough to meet each student’s particular developmental needs and deep enough to allow for the fullest expression of each student’s unique interests and talents. In short, at St. Paul’s, every child is known, and every child matters.

St. Paul’s seeks to educate the whole child through an intentional commitment to making our Four Pillars - Academics, the Arts, Athletics, and Spiritual Growth – come to life for every student.

As a school, academics of course come first. Our academic program is carefully designed and builds holistically through the grades. The end “product” – our graduates – are highly sought after by many of the most prestigious universities in the country. This is made possible by a closely tailored and highly responsive academic program. It allows our most capable students to excel through advanced courses in every discipline, but we are equally proud of our alternative instructional program for students whose success needs call for a more targeted and individualized approach. St Paul’s is a leading-edge school with innovative programs in technology, writing, and experiential learning, but we are also grounded in our approach to education and do not chase ephemeral educational fads.

While academics at St. Paul’s compares highly favorably to peer schools, we recognize that our students are far more than their test scores, and focus just as intentionally on developing all facets of their humanity. The fine arts at St. Paul’s are truly world-class, with a stunning visual arts program and theater and musical performances that routinely earn standing ovations. We are immensely proud of our equally world-class athletic program (192 state championships – and counting!), but even more so by the fact that our athletes compete with class, respect for their opponents, and the highest levels of sportsmanship.

We are firmly grounded in our Episcopal faith and tradition and are thereby inspired to build an inclusive, caring community dedicated to timeless values and to serving others. Our student body gives literally thousands of hours of service back to the Mobile community and beyond each year; in doing so, they develop into the empathetic, 21st Century “future-ready” leaders which the world so badly needs. Saints know what matters!

St. Paul’s is indeed that rare school which can serve the entire family. By doing so, we build an amazingly deep and powerful sense of community. St. Paul’s alumni routinely send their children back to St. Paul’s generation after generation, and thus the “Community of Saints” grows each year. If you see a St. Paul’s bumper sticker out there, ask the driver for his or her thoughts on our school, and you will know what I mean.

If our school's guiding principles match yours – and our highest aspirations for your child meet yours – then I encourage you to learn more about St Paul’s. While you can gain a good sense of our school via this website, I invite you to come by our campus and see us in action – we are confident you will see how St. Paul’s prepares students for futures bright with possibility.

I hope to see you soon!


N. Blair Fisher
Head of School

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