About St. Paul's

St. Paul's is committed to providing the highest quality college preparatory education in a Christian environment. Through a variety of experiences and activities, we encourage individual growth and achievement. By example, the St. Paul's community fosters respect, integrity, responsibility, service, tolerance, and the highest moral standards to prepare the whole person for a changing and challenging future.

At St. Paul’s we have high expectations for our Saints’ academic performance. But academic development is not enough. Our intimate atmosphere and interdisciplinary study allow for rich and diverse interactions among students and teachers, assuring that students grow intellectually, socially, and creatively too. We utilize many active learning methods: simulations, experimentation, oral presentations, and travel to assure that all students have ample opportunities to excel. Students move from grade to grade, prepared and excited to graduate as competent and confident individuals.

St. Paul's is ready for you.

At St. Paul’s we believe school is much more than a place we send our kids to learn the fundamentals. The right school will ignite your child’s natural curiosity and will make learning an exciting journey of discovery. Great teachers will make a personal connection with your child and will work to develop them to their full potential. Our culture of high expectations will continually challenge your child to strive for their best, not only as a student but also as a neighbor, citizen, mentor, and friend.

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