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Community Service

The World Could Use a Few More Saints

The Learning through Service program is a centerpiece of a St. Paul's education. In a typical year, our students give over 25,000 hours of service back to Mobile. Yes, 25,000. Through a variety of activities, St. Paul’s seeks both to develop young adults with hearts for service and to be a force for good in the greater Mobile community – and beyond. All Saints students, from our littlest Saints to our Senior leaders, serve, and many cite the service program as the most personally meaningful element of their St. Paul’s education. Our graduates continue to serve their communities, making our influence ripple far beyond our campus. What a great thing!
Each grade level has a different service focus area. This provides our students with the opportunity to learn about a broad array of social issues and areas of need. Beginning in Pre-Kindergarten, concepts of kindness, empathy, and social responsibility are incorporated every grade level, and gradually become more in-depth. By graduation, the service of a St. Paul’s student will have included

  • Helping with neglected animal agencies;
  • Supporting police, firefighters, and first responders;
  • Caring for the elderly;
  • Supporting our veterans and active duty military;
  • Caring for our local environment;
  • Serving and supporting individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities;
  • Feeding the hungry and housing the homeless;
  • Tutoring and mentoring economically disadvantaged children;
  • Supporting families in crisis, and more.
St. Paul’s is widely recognized as a major resource by local charitable organizations, and we are often the first phone call they make when in need. Additionally, a variety of service organizations and clubs flourish in this environment. It’s telling that a Senior elective class, “Service Leadership,” is the first class that fills every year - our students have developed servant hearts.


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