Portrait of a Graduate

Our Graduates Know What Matters

St. Paul’s Episcopal School strives to create graduates who embody the classic ideals of a noble spirit guiding a keen mind within a sound body.

A St. Paul’s graduate:

  • Thinks critically and solves problems effectively;
  • Communicates effectively with both the written and spoken word;
  • Understands the importance of teamwork and collaboration and does so effectively;
  • Is well-rounded and fully developed academically, artistically, physically, and spiritually;
  • Interacts comfortably and competently with others across lines of difference;
  • Is open to the world and eager to explore, learn, and grow;
  • Recognizes that learning is a lifelong endeavor and embraces his or her personal growth;
  • Is confident, appropriately ambitious, and goal-oriented;
  • Effectively leads him or herself daily and others when appropriate, and is also a good follower;
  • Possesses determination, resilience, perseverance, and grit;
  • Has internalized the universal values of the Christian faith and possesses a strong character, a sense of ethics, and a clear moral compass;
  • Appreciates both the values of our nation and its greater potential, and is an educated, committed, and engaged citizen of our republic;
  • Recognizes the infinite worth of every person and the value of community; and
  • Is committed to service and the improvement of the lives of others.


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