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  • Foundation Board of Directors

    Mike Stashak
    Chair of the Board
    Robbie Baker
    Katie Courtney
    Jamie Elcan
    Jake Epker
    John Ferguson
    Alan Franco
    Gray Garrett
    Chris Gill
    Victor Helmsing
    Catherine Hunter
    John Jeffries
    Eddie McDonough
    Melissa Morrissette
    Robert Rouse
    Ginny Russell
    Betty Stone
    Edie Terreson
  • Foundation Endowment Funds

    A named endowment fund is created when a gift is given to the St. Paul’s School Foundation.  A named fund serves as a perpetual legacy that may honor or memorialize an individual, loved one, or an entire family. The fund remains intact in perpetuity, while its earnings support a purpose chosen by the donor. Naming opportunities begin at $10,000. An endowment fund is created when a donor(s) signs a gift agreement with St. Paul's Episcopal School. For more information, please contact Carrie Ashbee, Director of Advancement, at
    The General Endowment Fund is a long-term investment that generates unrestricted income, providing financial discretion and flexibility to enhance the overall academic experience for all students. Contributions to the General Endowment Fund come from estate plans, unrestricted memorials, and gifts that are not specifically designated for an individual or named fund.
    The Accumulation Fund, as per the Foundation By-Laws, was established to hold designated funds until they reach $10,000 or attain naming status.

    The Paula Harrison Armstrong Community Service Scholarship Award was established in 2014 following the unexpected death of Paula Harrison Armstrong. Her family created an endowed scholarship award in her memory to recognize students who share her commitment to serving their community for the greater good of all. Paula, an alumna of St. Paul's class of 1985, was committed to serving the community as was exemplified by her unending philanthropic work. The Paula Harrison Armstrong Community Service Scholarship Award will serve as a tribute to Paula while inspiring students to pursue a lifelong commitment to serving others. This annual scholarship award will be given to a rising senior student who exemplifies the characteristics of serving others through his or her participation in the St. Paul’s Community Service program. The Paula Harrison Armstrong Community Service Scholarship Award was awarded this year to rising senior, Mr. Bennett Carter Brown.
    The Linda Bowman Memorial Fund was established by Charles Bowman to memorialize his beloved wife, who served as a valued staff member of St. Paul’s School for over 23 years. The fund is used for immediate disbursement and benefits deserving students who demonstrate need.
    The Ashley Graham Brown Memorial Scholarship Award was established by members of the St. Paul’s community to celebrate the life of Ashley Brown, an alumna of St. Paul’s class of 1984. She was married to Chris Brown, Class of 1984 and was the mother of two daughters, Madelyn, Class of 2017 and Mary Stirling, Class of 2018. Ashley will always be remembered as being actively involved in the community, serving both the St. Paul’s Episcopal School community and other communities that were near to her heart. Ashley’s passion was helping others in hopes of making the world around her a better place, while never seeking recognition for her uncountable acts of service. Ashley was a light in the St. Paul’s and Mobile community, making others always feel included and appreciated. The Ashley Graham Brown Memorial Scholarship will serve as a tribute to her selfless work throughout her community by recognizing a rising junior or senior student, who like Ashley, is well-rounded, has a passion to serve others, and spreads compassion throughout the community. The Ashley Graham Brown Memorial Scholarship Award was awarded this year to rising senior, Ms. Eva Isabel Epker.
    The Browning Endowed Military Scholarship Award, established in 2024 by Philip L. Browning, to honor his mother, Dorothy Spence Browning and her great-granddaughters, Margaret S. Browning and Katherine J. Browning. Each year, the scholarship aims to support a current student whose parent(s) or caregiver who currently serves in or has been honorably discharged from the United States military. 
    The Dawson Faculty Excellence Fund was established by Catherine and Dudley Dawson to provide a monetary stipend annually to a deserving faculty member in recognition of teaching excellence. This year, the Dawson Faculty Excellence Award recipient is Mrs. Carol W. Hendren.
    The Excellence in AIP Endowment Fund was established in 2022 by Myrtle and Jeremy Milling as a heartfelt tribute to Mrs. Helen Muscat Robinson. This Fund aims to provide unparalleled support and raise awareness for St. Paul's Alternative Instruction Program (AIP). Rooted in data-driven research, this comprehensive instruction program is designed to address the diverse learning needs of every student, fostering their excellence in future academic and professional pursuits.
    The Faculty Development Fund provides stipends and financial assistance for the continuing education and development of the School’s faculty members. Contributions to the Natalie Newman Memorial Fund were designated to this Fund by her parents, Debra and Don Newman. Natalie was a member of the Class of 1997 and possessed a strong love of learning.
    The Kaleigh and Madison Floore Endowed Scholarship Award was established in 2013 by Mr. Robert L. Floore, who utilized his company’s encouragement for their employees to contribute to philanthropic causes by matching employee gifts made to nonprofit organizations. Mr. Floore chose to create an endowed scholarship for future St. Paul’s students and named it in honor of his two daughters, Kaleigh ‘09 and Madison ‘12, who graduated from St. Paul’s Episcopal School. This award will be given to a female student who has proven academic success from sophomore or junior year with preference given to a student who participates in athletic activities. This year the Floore Fund recipient was rising senior, Ms. Neely Kate Benton.
    The Greene Family Fund was established in 2022 to support the employment, retention, and/or professional development of the teaching faculty at St. Paul’s Episcopal School. Attention is to be given to the intentional development of excellence and effectiveness in the pedogeological fulfillment of the school’s purpose and mission.
    The Frank Winter Hardie Memorial Award Fund was established by the Hardie Family in memory of Frank Winter Hardie ’98. Frank passed away in December 2007 at the young age of 28, succumbing to a rare and incurable form of cancer. Frank’s family has chosen to remember him with an annual monetary award to be given to an Upper or Middle School teacher, coach or staff member whose contributions have inspired ordinary students and athletes to be outstanding people. This year, the Frank Winter Hardie Memorial Award Fund recipient is Mrs. Jill Drum.
    The Helmsing Endowed Scholarship Fund was originally established by a gift to St. Paul’s Episcopal School that Mr. Frederick G. Helmsing included in his will and later enhanced by friends and family who contributed to the fund in his memory. This endowed Fund will provide financial assistance to a student entering his or her senior year of high school and exhibits good character, including a possession of a solid level of respect from his or her peers, and exhibits average academic performance and average or above average participation in extracurricular efforts.
    The Victor Helmsing Alumni Scholarship Fund offers general financial support to assist in the education of deserving and qualified children of St. Paul's alumni who would not otherwise be able to attend the school.
    The Brittany Huber Memorial Scholarship Fund was established to commemorate the life of Brittany Huber, a 2008 graduate of St. Paul’s. Brittany passed away in a tragic automobile accident in the spring of 2014. Brittany was an exceptional young woman whose sweet smile, courage, compassion and talent touched everyone with whom she came in contact. Brittany quietly faced an obstacle of hearing loss at a young age, but with dignity and grace grew to be an accomplished artist and young woman. Following her unexpected death in 2014, Brittany's family created this award in her memory in order to recognize students who, like Brittany, faced obstacles and challenges, but flourished while at St. Paul's. This year's recipient of the Brittany Huber Memorial Scholarship is rising senior, Mr. Daegan Colton Doussan.
    The Josh Justice Memorial Scholarship was given in memory and celebration of the life of Joshua M. Justice, class of 2001. Josh was a talented performer who used his ability to entertain to bring people together. Josh valued the uniqueness of character of others, was sensitive to their feelings and sought to share his gift of humor with everyone he met. His warm, gracious and hospitable nature brought unlikely friends together and invited others to get to know one another despite differences. This scholarship seeks to recognize and encourage a rising sophomore or junior who shows interest, promise and desire to explore the performing arts. The student should also seek to embody characteristics that bring people together and bring out the best in others, much like Josh. This year's recipient of the Josh Justice Memorial Scholarship is rising junior, Ms. Morgan A’Nya Watkins.
    The Keappler Family Fund was established in 2022 by Mr. Bill Keappler and his family. Recognizing the importance of St. Paul’s to the Mobile community, the Keappler family committed to support the school’s mission over time.  In support of this goal, The Keappler Family Fund Award is given to a rising student in grades 7 – 12 who participates in St. Paul’s soccer, track and field, or cross-country programs while exemplifying the academic, spiritual, and moral standards of the school. This year's recipient of the Keappler Family Fund Award is rising senior, Mr. Haydn Pierre Sayner-Oubre.
    The Robert G. Kendall Scholarship Fund was established in memory of Judge Robert G. Kendall to provide financial assistance to qualified students, with special consideration to minority students. This award is given to students who possess the requisite skills, aptitude, abilities and desire to succeed in the course of study they are pursuing at St. Paul’s Episcopal School and meet the financial assistance requirements.
    The Dr. Edwin L. Lamberth, Jr. Memorial Fund was given in memory and celebration of the life of Dr. Edwin L. Lamberth, Jr. Dr. Lamberth was a member of the Board of Trustees of St. Paul’s Episcopal School from 1984-1991. His children, Edwin Lamberth Class of 1989 and John Lamberth both attended St. Paul’s. His beloved granddaughters, Key Lamberth Class of 2016 and Libba Lamberth Class of 2019 are St. Paul’s graduates. His namesake, Win Lamberth, is a current student in the Class of 2022. Dr. Lamberth was dedicated to St. Paul’s and volunteered countless hours to better the school. This Fund provides financial assistance to a qualified and deserving current or prospective student in need of support in order to attend St. Paul’s Episcopal School. 
    The Leslie Lerner Community Service Endowment was established by St. Paul’s Board of Trustees in honor of Mrs. Leslie Lerner's successful Community Service Program and its six months build of the Habitat for Humanity House in 2010. The Fund’s earnings will support St. Paul’s Community Service Program. 
    The Gaylord C. Lyon, Jr. Memorial Fund was established in 2023 to celebrate the life of Gaylord C. Lyon, Jr. Serving over thirty years at St. Paul’s Episcopal School as a Member of the Board of Trustees and Foundation Board of Directors, Gaylord will always be remembered as a leader of the St. Paul’s community. The fund will serve as a tribute to Janet and Gaylord’s impactful support to the faculty, students, and their families at St. Paul’s Episcopal School. The income generated by the principal of the fund will be used to support the AIP/IP programs at St. Paul’s Episcopal School.
    The Vivian Malone Scholarship Fund, established in 2023 by Mr. Herndon Inge III, commemorates the legacy of Mrs. Vivian Malone-Jones. As the first black graduate of The University of Alabama and a native of Mobile, she paved the way for generations to come. This prestigious scholarship is dedicated to providing tuition assistance to a deserving African-American student from tenth grade through graduation, ensuring unwavering support throughout his or her educational journey at St. Paul's.
    The Dr. Dottie and Dr. John McGehee Memorial Fund was established by Dottie McGehee and family in memory of Dr. John McGehee. In May of 2017, Dottie McGehee's daughters elected to honor their mother by adding her name to the scholarship. The Fund provides financial assistance to a qualified and deserving student. 
    The Max Emery Miller and Marguerite Galloway Miller Scholarship Fund was established through the generosity of the John W. Laidlaw Foundation, a Scholarship Fund was created in memory of Max Miller, a long-time friend and supporter of the School. Mr. Miller served on the Board of Trustees for over 25 years and during that time set an example of a true leader and philanthropist for education. In January 2010, Marguerite Galloway Miller's children chose to honor their mother by adding her name to the scholarship and directing memorial contributions there. The Fund provides one or more scholarship{s) for deserving students who will benefit from the St. Paul's experience, who will contribute to St. Paul's through academics, extra-curricular activities, leadership, and citizenship, and who meet St. Paul's criteria for financial aid eligibility.  
    The Padgett Family Fund was established 2022 by David and Kimberly Padgett, both St. Paul’s alumni from the class of ’84, and their family. The Padgett Family Fund supports the school’s operating needs as determined by the leadership team, including scholarship assistance, special projects, capital initiatives, and program support. 
    The Alex Parkman Memorial Fund was established by Carlos and Harold Parkman in 1990 in memory of their son, Alex Parkman, Class of 1988. The Fund provides annual financial assistance to qualified and deserving students. 

    The Coach Sandy Santoli Scholarship Award, established in 2024, commemorates the legacy of Sanford Philip Santoli. From 1980 to 2019, Sandy Santoli transcended the roles of teacher and coach, becoming an integral part of the St. Paul’s community and a beacon for countless Saints. This annual award honors a promising student in grades 9 through 12 who participates in the St. Paul’s Men’s Golf Program and embodies the school's academic, spiritual, and ethical principles.
    The William Bradshaw Radcliff Scholarship Fund was established by Dare’ and Donny Radcliff, in memory of their son, William Bradshaw Radcliff, Class of 2005, who died in November, 2002, while a sophomore at St. Paul’s. This award is given annually to the best all-around boy or girl in the junior class who best represents the lively spirit, values, and academic accomplishments that William demonstrated during his lifetime. The William Bradshaw Radcliff Scholarship Fund was awarded this year to rising senior, Ms. Gianna Maria Estrada. 
    The Robert H. Rutledge Faculty Chair of Excellence Fund was established by the Board of Trustees in 2006 in recognition of Bob Rutledge’s success as both coach and administrator upon his retirement as headmaster. The Fund’s earnings further enhance the School’s ability to attract the best professional for the position and free up operating funds to be used for other purposes.  
    The Chad Saucier Memorial Scholarship Fund was established by Dr. Scott Saucier and Ms. Rita Saucier in memory of their son, Chad Saucier, Class of 1993. A scholarship is given annually to a rising senior who exhibits the qualities of respect, integrity, responsibility, service, tolerance, and the highest moral standards, who has a strong belief in and promotes the alcohol free and drug free policies of the School, and who is considered a role model by his peers and by the faculty and administration of the School. The Chad Saucier Memorial Scholarship Fund was awarded this year to rising seniors, Ms. Grace Everett Swain and Mr. Bennett Carter Brown.  
    The Beverly Bell Walton Memorial Scholarship Award
    was established in 2023 to honor the memory of Beverly Bell Walton, class of 1974. Beverly was a talented ballerina who used her ability to entertain and bring people together. Each year, the scholarship seeks to recognize and encourage a student who shows interest, promise, or desire to explore the performing arts at St. Paul’s Episcopal School.



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