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Winning 201 championships doesn’t make us Saints.

Caring about the character of every single player? That just might.
St. Paul’s athletics are not frivolous distractions; they are an integral aspect of our educational program, and nearly all St. Paul’s students participate in athletics during their school years. Sport is an equal opportunity teacher – universal in its development of the principles of commitment, effort, and sportsmanship while also teaching lessons in ethics, morality, fairness, and justice.

Through hard work and consistent effort, our student-athletes gain the deep satisfaction and healthy self-esteem that comes by pushing their bodies and minds beyond what they previously believed possible. They learn to trust and rely on one another as part of a larger, interconnected team effort. They learn that there are no shortcuts to success, and that the rewards of hard work and sportsmanship are intrinsic. By intentionally combining individual effort with team building skills and sportsmanship, we create champions.  

The sense of community connected with St. Paul’s athletics transcends wins or losses. Our Saints know that each time they take the field, approach the track, or sprint onto the diamond, they are doing so with the support of their parents, teachers, classmates, and alumni. At St. Paul’s winning is important, but character, sportsmanship, and fairness are more so. We are Saints, and we know what matters.

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    Mr. Shane Sullivan 

    Director of Athletics
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    Mrs. Sharon Mosley 

    Athletic Coordinator/Sports Information Director
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    Mr. Andy Robbins 

    Fall Sports Coordinator
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