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Mission & Philosophy

Mission & Philosophy


St. Paul’s seeks to provide a broad range of individual and team interscholastic activities for both male and female students in grades 7-12 that will support the St. Paul’s philosophy – Educating the whole student spiritually, academically, civically, socially, physically, and emotionally. We hope to help them develop into productive leaders through learned acts of discipline, teamwork, individual leadership, commitment and sportsmanship. The building of strong character, respect and pride in one’s self and school are highly valued at St. Paul’s.


At St. Paul’s we work hard every day in our athletic department toward the goal of winning. However, that is not the most important goal we have. Our primary focus is the development of the student athlete on and off the field. We do, however, strive to be as competitive as possible at every level. It is the philosophy of our coaches that St. Paul’s athletic teams work hard to have the most competitive and strongest teams possible. We should offer the skilled performer an opportunity to compete at the highest level, locally and state wide.

Academically we should not only encourage each player to achieve academic success but should help facilitate this process. We should also encourage our student athletes to participate in other school activities, be student leaders on campus and instill in them an attitude of working to reach their maximum potential in all areas of their life. Participation on an athletic team at St. Paul’s is an earned honor and it is understood that the team experience should be mutually beneficial to the school and the student. We expect the highest display of sportsmanship and character from our student athletes. Win or lose, on the field and off, they should be an example of honor, integrity and respect.

Athletic Department Goals

While each individual program has goals specific to the nature of the sport, all St. Paul’s teams should share the following goals:

  1. Work hard to improve every day: Improvement through practice and game experience is vital to success.
  2. Create a positive environment: We should create a positive environment where each individual feels important and is respected for their role in the program. Fun is also achieved through improvement as both an individual and as a member of a team.
  3. Be the best we can be: Each team and the members of that team should be pushed to achieve their maximum potential. We should provide the coaching and leadership to help them reach this goal.
  4. Win State Championships: From a competitive standpoint winning a state championship is  the pinnacle for a high school program. If this is achievable for our teams we should be striving to bring home the “Blue Map.”
  5. Prepare our athletes for life:  We as coaches should be teaching skills and habits which will help our student athletes be successful, contributing members of society. We should make being an athlete at St. Paul’s a valuable stepping stone in their journey through life.


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