Mission and Philosophy

What it means to be a Saint

St. Paul's seeks to create an opportunity for the individual student to realize his or her own potential in all aspects of life by making available a variety of learning experiences and activities.
Our commitment to providing the highest quality college preparatory education in a Christian environment is based on the belief that it is important to:

  • Educate the whole student spiritually, academically, civically, socially, physically, and emotionally;
  • Provide an education rooted in Christian principles as understood and interpreted by the Episcopal Church;
  • Maintain an atmosphere in which each student can develop a sense of individual worth and formulate a code of moral values based on Christian ethics;
  • Promote an environment that embraces, respects, and teaches tolerance and appreciation for cultural, ethnic, religious, and racial differences within our community;
  • Implement a carefully formulated curriculum and research based methodologies which recognize and address individual differences and needs;
  • Encourage a respect for and appreciation of learning and knowledge;
  • Offer a variety of educational and extracurricular programs and encourage participation in school, social, and community endeavors;
  • Evaluate and strengthen our educational standards on a continuing basis to provide students with challenges that will allow them to develop into informed, self-assured, and responsible citizens.
St. Paul's Episcopal School is a nondiscriminatory, independent institution which operates under the supervision and control of a Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees is charged with the responsibility for establishing and maintaining the mission, philosophy and policies of the school.


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