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Creativity Matters at St. Paul’s

Saints are more colorful than you might imagine.
You’ll see it on the walls. In the halls. In the tissue paper action figures, pointillism bugs, and tessellations! Everywhere you look, the arts are alive and kicking. In truth, you won’t find a more creatively inspired student body anywhere.
Artistic expression is a hallmark of a St. Paul’s education. Our students act in exquisite productions, sing like angels, produce beautiful sculptures and paintings, and create remarkable photographs.

Research overwhelmingly demonstrates the benefits of a superb arts education for our students. Through an intentional and purposeful arts education, our students demonstrate improved academic performance, greater leadership and social skills, and advanced creative problem solving. An arts-based education also results in increased school attendance, student motivation and a child’s sense of belonging.

You will not find a more creatively inspired student body anywhere, and St. Paul’s boasts the local, state, national, and international honors to prove it. Just as the great artists of the Renaissance glorified God through their works of art, so too are our students are able to display their love of God and one another as they create magnificent paintings and sculptures, perform exquisite musical pieces, and capture photographic magic.

A classical arts education enables our Saints to share their passion and talent with the rest of the world.


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