St. Paul’s Cheerleaders attend camp at the University of Alabama

The Varsity, Junior Varsity and Middle School St. Paul’s Cheerleaders attended camp at the University of Alabama this summer.  Over 800 cheerleaders from more than 50 teams were present.  Our cheerleaders represented St. Paul’s phenomenally!  Congratulations
Overall Top Banana Spirit Award
The top banana awards a team daily for their display of tradition and spirit throughout the camp experience.  One team is selected as the final overall top banana recipient as an award for their entire camp experience.  The entire program from St. Paul’s was awarded this high honor on the final day of camp. 
Team Competition
  • Varsity:  3rd place camp dance
  • Junior Varsity:  7th place camp dance
  • Middle School:  4th place camp dance
  • Varsity:  5th place sideline
  • Middle School:  4th place sideline
  • Middle School:  1st place cheer
  • Middle School:  2nd place overall game day
All American Cheerleaders
  • Varsity Team All Americans:  Tori Passeau, Ann Ivey Lane, Celeste Parker, Carley Perkins, McKinley Fuller, Mackie Kaufman
  • Junior Varsity Team All Americans:  Avery Arledge, Kit Shell, Addison Bell, Makenzie Robinson, Ella Phillips
  • Middle School Team All Americans:  Avery Wade, Julianna Foster, Lilly Groves, Briley Bethea, Betts Fleming, Merritt Williams
Pin It Forward
The following girls were selected by the UCA staff or fellow campers as “pin it forward” recipients which recognizes outstanding cheerleaders and character.  Approximately 50 campers were chosen among over 800 participants. 
  • Lauren Bixler
  • Savannah Cassity
  • Lilly Robinson


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